Understanding The Concepts Of Development

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Introduction Understanding the concepts of development allows clinicians to relate to children and adolescents on individual developmental levels. Dental visits can have a negative impact on most youths in society that can stem into adulthood. Dental clinicians must focus on providing young patients with a positive experience in the presence of a dental clinic. This report will discuss the communication skills involved to carry out a positive first visit and successful treatment appointments on a young child. Strategies will be utilized and discussed to establish trust and rapport and behaviour modification amongst adolescents. Management of a young patient aged five Children have several development factors such as physical, social, intellect and personality. Clinicians must consider these factors when interacting with children as children are not of age to consent to dental treatment. Understanding development is valuable in management strategies suitable for the individual and informing parent of procedures as well as the child. Strategies aim to alleviate fear and anxiety to create a sense of comfort. Trust is gained through forming a professional relationship between clinician and child so the experience to the dentist is perceived as enjoyable and exciting. Certain steps are appropriate for an initial visit. In general, the pace of a first appointment is much slower. The emphasis is on educating the child, promoting comfort, and allowing the visit to be exciting and
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