Understanding The Consciousness Of The People Of London At The Time Essay

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Tracking the culture of a society has always proven to be a challenge. Historians and archeologists may study artifacts, books, poetry, among other cultural legacies in an attempt to understand the beliefs and lives of previous generations. However, this has a certain level of inaccuracy towards the beliefs of the average person in that society. To speak to that point, I wish to introduce Gilbert and Sullivan. Gilbert and Sullivan were a pair of opera writers operating in England between 1871 and 1896. Their operas were so immensely popular with the British public that the world’s first building lit entire by lightbulbs, the Savoy Theater, was built for the purpose of housing the premiers of their operas. It is through this immense popularity with the common people that we can begin to understand the consciousness of the people of London at the time. In this case, Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera, Utopia Limited, can provide us with a clear picture of the Victorian view on a woman’s place in sports, and information on their beliefs on sports in general. Sports throughout the Victorian age can be used as a telescope to examine a wide range of issues. Whether it’s the role of women, thoughts on prudery, or a manifestation of romanticism within society, there is much to learn from sports. This is why Gilbert and Sullivan’s second to last Opera, Utopia Limited, should pique the interest of any sports historian. Throughout Utopia Limited, W.S. Gilbert outlines the characteristics
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