Understanding The Control Quality Control

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ENTERPRISES PROJECT MANAGEMENT REFLECTIVE JOURNAL #3 UNIT 4 “QUALITY CONTROL” NAME- SARABDEEP SINGH STUDENT ID- C0661489 COURSE- EPM 2092 PROFESSOR- BOB XOURAFUS MOTIVE- The main objective of studying this unit is to understand the control quality process. In addition to this, we will also study in depth the seven basic quality tools that are data table, Histogram, Pareto Diagram, scatter diagram, trend analysis and run chart. REFLECTION- as per EPM 2092 study notes provided by Bob, Control quality is a process monitoring and recording the results of execution of quality activities to access the performance and recommending necessary changes. In other words, during quality control process the project team will analyze project results (which includes both deliverables and the management processes followed) to meet the specific quality standards and if something is wrong (that means it is not meeting the quality standards set by the stakeholders and organization as written in project management plan) then make it under control by taking corrective, preventive or defect repair action. In addition to this we will to make use of quality tools and techniques which will help us to analyze if the project results are meeting the quality standards.
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