Understanding The Different Perspective Of Human Resource Management

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Chapter 1- Understanding the Different Perspective of Human Resource Management 1.1 How the ‘Guest model’ of human resource management (HRM) is adopted at Harrods In human resource management a model has been showed by Guest (1987). Guest model is different from compliance based personal management. It is actually a commitment based human resource management model. Guest model introduce some new concept of human resource management, those are: • Human Resource Management (HRM) of an organization is linked with the strategic management of that organization. • According to Guest model, HRM seeks commitment of the employees towards the goals of the organization. • Guest model allows the organization to develop its power, and helps the…show more content…
Harrods organizational structure was too hierarchical, which actually hampered the flow of operation. That’s why Harrods implemented new organizational structure which is flatter and employees are taking more responsibility. This change in organization structure will enhance the job satisfaction and bring flexibility as well. • To enhance the commitment of the employees towards the goal of the organization Harrods change leadership. By changing the environment, where employees are encouraged to make more decision by themselves. • To achieve the organization goal Harrods improve their communication system. This improved communication system allows the employees to know strategy of the company properly. • To maintain the quality, Harrods make it sure that every employees understand the brand value of Harrods. In addition, Harrods also do regular survey on the customer and on the employee, and depending on the result they took new strategy to improve the quality of their service. All these steps have been taken by Harrods to adopt the ‘Guest model’ in their human resource management practices. 1.2 The difference between storey’s definitions of HRM, Personnel and IR practices, by reflecting the HRM practices at Harrods and Unilever In the past hundred years, Human Resource Management has changed a lot. In the past, Human Resource Management was called personal management or personal administration. That personal management used to
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