Understanding The Dynamic And Empowering Leadership Process

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Every day we interact with a variety of people in different situations. Understanding the dynamic of others can help us improve these interactions. We are all different in our own ways, yet at the same time were are all very similar. To be an effective leader, it is important to understand these similarities and differences. Chapter five of Exploring Leadership by Komives describes how differences need to be understood in order to create an inclusive and empowering leadership process. One of the first steps in understanding others is learning how people build relationships. People build relationships off of commonality. We group upon similar interest, a club, or a characteristic. These relationships create associations. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people need to feel a sense of fulfillment and need to feel like they belong. Relationships help to form this fulfillment. But more importantly, relationships are built off of a common purpose. As leaders, I feel it is very important to understand others so you can adjust your behaviors in order to include everyone. This type of inclusiveness build relationships and helps a leader to serve his goal or purpose. It is also important to recognize groups contain differences. These differences could be caused by gender or culture. Males act and react differently than females. Sometimes we confuse our sex roles for gender roles. For example, “women are not the only sex to be nurturing of children. While it is…
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