Understanding The Dynamics Of Emotion, Compassion, Cognition,

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Understanding the dynamics of emotion, compassion, cognition, morality, culture, character, aggression and violence, will reveal the motivations for all character types, their role in stories, and overall their contributions to forwarding the storytellers message. But to understand these dynamics, they must be explored through the lense of objectivity, pragmatism, and an evolutionary perspective that explains the purpose of emotion in its entirety, and the importance of the emotion of love to the development of character and personality. All characters from all works of literature, cinema, and other mediums of storytelling are motivated by basic human instincts that originate from the need to survive. Leda Cosmides and John Tooby, pioneers…show more content…
In its basic components, emotion serves to promote survival, and in human culture, promote socialization.
As humans evolve so do emotions. Emotions continue to perform the same function that they have been performing for thousands of years, but they have evolved into more complex entities that challenges and questions. Emotion contributes to cognition and intellect. Emotion and cognition explain the choices characters make throughout a story. Decisions like whether or not to embark on a journey relies on both emotional and logical rationale. Characters internally discuss the economics of choice, risk and reward, through pragmatic and emotional reasoning. At times, one method of reasoning surpasses the other, so decisions are made more on emotion than logic or vice versa, therefore influencing the course of a story. However, no decision is completely made by one or the other. Despite intellect’s reputation as purely objective and devoid of emotion, thinking and cognitive processes cannot occur without some degree of emotional input. This relationships applies in reverse as emotion cannot exist without a cognitive input. Don Hockenbury, Associate Professor of Psychology at Tulsa Community College, describes emotions as “ a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a

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