Understanding The Health And Social Needs Of A Local Population

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Chapter One – An introduction.

A community profile is used to assess the health and social needs of a local population and is used as a means of obtaining accurate and appropriate information on which to base priorities when spending budgets. Community profiling ensures that decisions regarding the needs of the population will be based on solid information and evidence (Naidoo, Wills and Naidoo, 2009). A community profile needs to determine a local population’s needs and demands, together with what provisions are currently in place to meet these demands. In order to provide an accurate community profile it I essential that it I know what a community is, Laverack’s (2004) definition of a community illustrates that individuals may belong to several different communities, these communities could be identified as a spatial dimension, for example a town or area, a non-spatial dimension such as community of people with shared interests, a community of individuals with shared needs and trepidations, say a political party or such like and finally individuals with shared social interactions, such as work colleagues or friends (Laverack, 2004).
The community profile that follows looks at the geographical area of Newcastle upon Tyne. Using the format suggested by Hawtin, comprehensive research into the needs of the community, and the resources that exist within that community will be carried out with the active involvement of the community itself (by means of qualitative data). This…
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