Understanding The Health And Social Needs Of A Local Population

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Chapter One – An introduction. A community profile is used to assess the health and social needs of a local population and is used as a means of obtaining accurate and appropriate information on which to base priorities when spending budgets. Community profiling ensures that decisions regarding the needs of the population will be based on solid information and evidence (Naidoo, Wills and Naidoo, 2009). A community profile needs to determine a local population’s needs and demands, together with what provisions are currently in place to meet these demands. In order to provide an accurate community profile it I essential that it I know what a community is, Laverack’s (2004) definition of a community illustrates that individuals may belong to…show more content…
Newcastle was chosen as a geographical area to base the following community profile on as it is currently the 40th most deprived local authority area in the country according to the IMD 2010 (The English Indices of Deprivation, 2010). With long-term unemployment at a high of 12.3% compared to the national average or 9.5%, individuals in Newcastle are struggling to maintain their own health and wellbeing. Participants of one study have explained what a negative impact unemployment is having on their purchasing power for essentials, particularly food and are also seeing detriments to their mental health due to the state of deprivation many local families are experiencing (Moffatt et al, 2015). Deprivation relates to the occurrence of several variables such as low income, poor housing, and unemployment, this can be particularly stressful for families and has been proven to have a detrimental effect on the health of a population (NHS, 2013). On average 20.3% of the English population are assessed as living in deprivation, this is significantly greater in Newcastle where this figure contrasts at 37.6% of the population with 15.6% of the working age population claiming out of work benefit such as Incapacity Benefit (Public health England, 2013). England had a population of 64.1 million in 2013 (Ons, 2013), compared to this
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