Understanding The Interdisciplinary Field Of Healthcare Essay

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Introduction The interdisciplinary field of healthcare continues to evolve and the demand for nurses continue to rise; as does the quality of patient care provided. One could suggest the importance of how patient care began is as significant to understand, where it should be and is going. Health care advocates such as Esther Lucille Brown, whom contributed to the standardization for accreditation nursing education programs, and Florence Nightingale, whom brought nursing to modernization and set the precedence for quality patient centered care continue to influence health care and nursing (Finkleman & Kenner, 2016). Health care leaders of this era influentially lead to organizations, such as Institute of Medicine (IOM) that promotes quality care through core competencies, and the American Nurses Association (ANA) holds true to the legacy of nursing while guiding the future of nursing with foundational guidelines such as the Code of Ethics. Five Core Competencies To reduce clinical errors and promote positive outcomes, IOM implemented five core competencies to be include in the education of each health care professional. Patient centered care could be understood, as providing the highest level of care possible while encompassing every aspect of caring though respecting differences of cultural diversity, income, race, religion, and allowing the patient to actively participate in their care while being educated on disease processes, treatments, prevention, and wellness
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