Understanding The Lakota Sioux Tribe

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Understanding the Lakota Sioux I have chosen to conduct research and develop my project around the Native American group, the Lakota Sioux. In particular, my focus will be on the role trauma plays in their culture. I chose The Lakota Sioux because of the fact that they are from the area and surrounding area of where I live and I have always had an interest in Native Americans. The Lakota people have suffered greatly due to trauma brought on as a result of unjust events throughout their history. They were and continue to be oppressed and I would like to better understand the injustices that they endured and continue to endure and to discover strategies for helping this group. The Lakota Indians are a tribal Native America group that resides in the northern part of the United States. Although a large number of Indians have immersed themselves into American culture, several tribal groups carry out their daily affairs on Indian reservations. The Lakota Indian 's primary location is in South Dakota and North Dakota. Native American’s have been victims of historical trauma, sometimes referred to as multi-generational trauma. There is a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness associated with historical trauma that contributes to high rates of alcoholism, substance abuse, suicide, and other health issues (Birchfield, 2000). The Lakota Sioux is one such group that has suffered greatly due to trauma. Lakota people are marginalized and stereotyped and live in poverty because
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