Understanding The Mind Body Problem

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In this paper I will argue that it is more reasonable to think the patient discussed in the provided vignette has the full range of mental states. To begin, I will introduce the reader to key terms for understanding the mind-body problem as well as introducing the solutions to it that I will be discussing in this paper. I will also discuss my view and how it relates to solutions for the mind body problem. I will also explain why my view would hold no matter what type of brain the patient had as well as addressing an objection to functionalism. Then I will provide reasons why denying the existence of mental states for non-normal brains through type-identity theory is problematic. Finally I will discuss how functionalism avoids these problems and why it allows the patient to have mental states. In discussing the relationship between the body and the mind, there are a few key terms that are used in the discussion. One very important concept to understand is the mind-body problem, this is the philosophical issue that we do not know how the physical body and the mind interact, it has been a topic of discussion for hundreds of years and many theories have been created to explain the connection between the mind and body. To understand the discussion surrounding the mind-body problem one must also know the difference between mental and physical states. Mental states are a being’s perception of their experiences and ideas, there exist two different type of mental states. Firstly
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