Understanding The Mission And Values Of The Profession

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Historically social work has been a field aimed at helping improve quality of living for all people. Understanding the mission and values of the profession enables social workers to empathize with the groups and individuals they aim to help. Professional social workers must be able to understand situations from multiple perspectives to make the best informed decisions.
#1 A: Social Work Definition and Value Assumptions
Social work can be defined as a broad profession, with the sole purpose of improving the lives and relieving the hardships of the members of a population. Tbe field of social work addresses many problems for the well being of society, including: health care, criminal justice, domestic violence, economic and public policies, child and family welfare, as well as homelessness. Professional social workers are trained with the education and tools necessary to address problems from several different perspectives, and the ability to inform people in need of the resources available to help them achieve a wide variety of goals, whether personal social mobility, or financial independence.
Assumed social work values include compassion and empathy for people who are in need, as well as selflessness to provide help to those who happen to be less fortunate. Social workers must be able to understand the misfortunes of society and its individuals, without necessarily having experienced the same struggles firsthand. Being able to empathize for people without…
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