Understanding The Modern World

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ICC 2014-15

Student name:
Anne Tan Shi Yu
ICC No: 614346 Term (1,2 or 3): Term 2
Course Title: Understanding the Modern World (UMW)

Title of assignment: What is nationalism, and can it survive in a globalizing world?

Lecturer’s name: Kevin Manton Word Count: 1502 words

Nationalism is a very broad concept that only emerged in the beginning of the nineteenth century. Before the idea of nationalism, people were loyal to their own religious spheres. There is therefore a general consensus that nationalism is a modern invention. (Kidd 1999) In Europe, people were attached to their religion, mainly Christianity. The concept of a national identity was inexistent. However, ever since the nineteenth century, people have started to see themselves as nationals of a particular nation. (Kedourie 1960) The shared characteristics of people within countries have created the concept of nationalism, where people feel bonded within their own nation. The main notion of nationalism stems from the fact that people share something in common and thus they have a national identity. (Spencer, Wollman 2002) This common bond can come in many forms – political, cultural and territorial.

Given the ever-changing nature of social relations, powers and political systems around the world due to globalization, the idea of a nation and people’s national identity may be threatened. It can be…
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