Understanding The Overall Patients ' Socio Economic Status

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Fasika Reflection Paper Understanding the overall patients’ socio-economic status plays a key role in caring for a patient and decreasing healthcare cost. In recent years, although the healthcare cost has been on the rise, there is a debate as to whether the rise in cost translates into the quality of care patients are afforded with. Caring is not only treating a disease condition, but also establishing relationship and trust in the overall patient condition. Brenner, in his research study, identified a major contributing factor for the increasing health care cost. Patients at high risk of readmission share common characteristics ranging from poverty, limited resources, lack of education and inadequate medical…show more content…
If we just treats patients temporarily without the much needed follow up the care we provided is not complete. Most of the patients do not have the means to follow-up with their care or they are not well informed about the resource available after they get treated in the emergency room or do not have the means to take care of themselves. Brenner noted multiple emergency room visit for the frequent flyers and showed where the failure in the health care system exists. This made me realize patient care is not only treating disease condition but also to follow through the entire process of healing. The entire health system relies on the assumption that most patients have clear understanding of complexity of their condition. Patients are expected to navigate and follow through the entire health system. However, patients do not have a complete understanding of their health issues, which hinder them from being compliant with their care. Unfortunately this leads to multiple hospital readmission and increase cost. Benner complied a data by gaining access with different hospitals in the Camden areas and tried figure out the root cause of rising health care cost. In this process he began to look for the “ worst-of worst” patients and tried to understand continuity of care . One of the most interesting fact was patients get readmitted for the same reason multiple times and this raises a concern in the current health system because create
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