Understanding The Patient Discharge Instructions Essay

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A culture of caring is a fundamental principle of the medical profession and influences the medical community’s goals, strategies, and actions. This paper will analyze the patient discharge instructions genre emphasizing that care does not stop at discharge, but follows a patient home. Although multiple health care settings utilize patient discharge instructions, the focus of this analysis is instructions provided to cardiovascular patients before discharging them home from a hospital setting. The main goal of the patient discharge instructions genre is to assist patients in reaching optimal health and wellbeing. Research identifies the period following hospital discharge as a vulnerable time for patients, and safely transitioning patients to their home is often difficult (Horwitz et al., 2013). Therefore, health care professionals must utilize the most current evidence-based research available to convey this necessary information across multiple discourse communities using language understood by all participants of the genre. According to Dirk (2010), a genre is a recurring communicative event that takes place among a shared group to accomplish a common goal. Furthermore, Dirk (2010), argues a genre’s function is to communicate information to a specific audience and meets an identified purpose of the discourse. Therefore, completing a analysis regarding a particular discourse used by a professional community will help the reader gain insight into the genre’s
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