Understanding The Premise Of Jesus Christ

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Understanding the Premise of Jesus Christ Belief in Jesus Christ is the basis of Christian religion, this figure is important to study because not only is Jesus the son of God, but he serves as Priest, Prophet, and King to humanity. These are all important attributes to have since Jesus acts as the mediator between the Father and Humankind. Without Jesus there would be no forgiveness of sins, knowledge of God himself, or listener of prayers. To fully understand the importance of Jesus’s role in the Christian faith there are several aspects that need to be further discussed, including, Jesus’s role in the Holy Trinity, the atonement, eschatology and the incarnation. Once these aspects can be comprehended a person can create their own opinion on how to understand and worship Jesus, what is the true meaning of Jesus’s humanity and how Jesus lived his life versus how his followers live theirs. Jesus and the Trinity The Holy Trinity is composed of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three entities create the overall being of God. In this Jesus plays the role of the Son, but that does not mean he is not also God. Jesus is sent to walk among humankind with the body and life of a simple carpenter’s son, but also to be the physical embodiment of the divine Son. According to Zahniser, it is necessary for Jesus to walk on earth because as the communicator he must become one with those he wishes to communicate with (Zahniser, 1989). For the communication to be
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