Understanding The Principles Of Strategic Planning

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. Understand the principles of strategic planning
1.1 Evaluate a range of strategic planning models
When evaluating a strategic plan models, we should first consider the meaning of strategic planning. Strategic planning is when an organisation has a long term project, in between a year or two and this will involve the entire organisation workers to bring ideas together and look into each contributions before working on the plans, and this can be break down in three to four faces in other too be achievable and to meet the said target. Strategic planning can be done when an organization is just started. The strategic plan is usually part of an overall business plan, along with marketing, financial and operational or management plan. Strategic planning can also be done in preparation for a new major venture, for example, when developing a new division, new product or line of products, etc. Strategic planning can also be conducted at least once or twice a year in readiness for the coming fiscal year.

The range of strategic planning models can be variety of perspectives approaches. The models used in strategic planning in an organisation which can use to develop a strategic plan depends on the nature of the organization 's leadership, culture and also the complexity of the organization 's environment. The size of the organization, expertise planned all these determines the strategic plan for the organisation e.g the models for strategic plans are Issues based, goal based,…
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