Understanding The Problems And Concerns Relative To Social

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Understanding the problems and concerns relative to social work: The social work profession is aimed towards helping individuals, families, groups and communities reach their full potential, both collectively and individually. Through the experience I gained through my internships, volunteer placements, and work positions, I had the opportunity to witness first hand the many different environments that social workers serve in. Social workers work in a variety of different environments as they guide people through life’s trials and challenges. They do this by identifying client’s unique skills and abilities as well as utilizing the resources offered throughout the community. Social workers provide a voice for the people who need the…show more content…
I quickly learned that the deaf community is treated very differently that the rest of the Jamaican population. Attitudes toward deaf and disabled people in Jamaica are often negative. Hearing people in the community sometimes refer to deaf people as “dumb” or “stupid”. Because of this negative stigma, deaf individuals may challenges in life. They have a harder time pursuing higher education as well as finding jobs. The way they are treated from a young age puts deaf individuals at a greater risk for developing low self-confidence. However, despite all this, it was on this trip that I observed how beautiful (inside and out) the deaf community in Jamaica truly is. From signing my name to simply sharing a smile, this trip taught me that while each person on this Earth is different from one another, our differences should not inhibit us from interacting with each other.

Personal Values: My personal values and beliefs align very well with those related to social work and the NASW Code of Ethics. One of these values is services. I strive to put the needs of others before my own wants and desires in every area of my life. While I know the importance of self-care in social work, I also know the great need for service within society. Seeing others hurt or struggle throughout life really pulls at my heart, reminding me not to take elements of my own life for granted. I service and give back to my local community through organizations such as Women at Risk,
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