Understanding The Purpose And Framework Of Taxes, Assist

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Understanding the purpose and framework of taxes, assist with the understanding of the Tariff and quotas. Tariff is a tax placed on import goods by the government. Nevertheless, when one thinks about additional dollars added to the retail price of a good or service, it may be discouraging. Especially, since there is an abundance of services and goods desired by consumers- with so many wants, our resources are scarce. Meanwhile, there is a constant debate concerning the effects of tariff that are placed on imports and exports. Economist and scholars believe high taxes on imports and exports can hurt the economy. Indeed, there are advantages and disadvantages concerning the Tariff . Tariffs provide revenue for the government, and assist…show more content…
Meanwhile, according to Morelock, J (2017) Tariff has a clear number of results that may be an advantage to some parties, while being a significant disadvantage to others. Tariff have an impact on promoting American products, when the U.S government chooses to place a tariff on an import good, the producer can choose to reduce their price to compensate for the tariff or to pass on the cost to the consumer. (2) increase the government revenue, the U.S. government collect revenue in order to economically support its function. (3) discourages trade, when American consumers choose to buy a lower-priced American product, foreign producers become disadvantaged, ultimately leading to less trade with the U.S. Foreign producers are forced to reduce their prices to compete with similar American products. (4) reduces consumer choice, individual consumer choice remains as one of the greatest consumer benefits of international trade. When tariffs are placed on imported goods, the increase prices and reduced trade prohibit individuals from all choices that could be available in the market. It’s not difficult to visualize the possible dilemmas or disadvantages that may arise from tariffs, such as equality, trust, and values. Therefore, global transfer pricing and business can suffer from ethical issues. Laws and regulations should be taken seriously and professionally, while, excluding favoritism. According to Habibullah,

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