Understanding The Reading Strategy Of Cause And Effect

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Cause and effect isn’t just a writing strategy nevertheless it is a strategy for life. Everything in the world has a cause and effect, such as if you put your hand in a fire you are liable to get burned. Throughout your whole life this structure will apply when you’re in school, work and even in your personal. With school if you don’t study for a test 75% of the time you might even fail. With work if you don’t do your job correctly there will be repercussions. While in life well there are multiply causes and numerous effects it just depend if the wind blows in your favor. Trust me, I’ve had my share of outcomes, but now with this better understanding of the reading strategy of Cause & Effect. I can say that the expression
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Judging author’s credibility. The author establish her credibility by evaluating many sources and also being very knowledge able on the subject of cybersecurity and government affairs. Also the author cited all the sources she used with in the article to support his point. The author is a lecturer on strategic security management and political affairs, also has various degrees on foreign policies and computer security.

Evaluating the logic of an argument. In the passage the author discusses, how causally browsing the internet can potentially become an invasion of privacy but also a danger to national security. In the passage the author does mention some feasible facts regarding the issue. We all use the internet at our own risk, no one said that it was safe, and with all the “black hat” hackers on the internet. Everything from just checking your email to playing an online game nothing and no one is safe. The author, mentions in the passage that “cyberspace” as portrayed in the media that there are good guys and bad guys. In which he is right, the author evaluates the potential the internet has but discusses the uncharted unknown to which many others have claimed. The facts that he has presented is relatable and believable to the subject at hand.

Reflecting on challenges to beliefs and values. Throughout the article I was troubled that the author believed that homeland security would
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