Understanding The Relationship Of Staff And Teachers

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Field Placement #5 1.5 hours: 2/22 Wednesday was a whirlwind of acclimating to office politics and understand the relationship dynamic of staff and teachers. The day started out normal enough, I was assigned papers and essays to grade. On a few occasions I ran back and forth between the front office and the classroom to drop off paperwork. However, the teacher assigned me the task of setting up the 7th grade bulletin board for the month. She informed that I had to go to the front office and talk to one of the people there to gain access to the storage closet that held all of the arts and craft material. I nodded, remember the name and objectives I was set out to do. I was sent back to speak to one of the supporting staff. I explained the…show more content…
I showed the teacher my findings and she met it with a scowl. “That’s it?” She asked. She then showed me the massive bulletin board that I was supposed to cover. Clearly I did not have enough paper to canvas the surface. So once again, I was sent on a journey for paper from the art department. Thankfully, the teacher was on break had led me to a bulk of white paper that I knew would have to do for now. I presented it to the teacher, informing her that at the moment this is all we had access to. She shrugged, clearly still miffed on the lack of resources she had at hand. The students, continuing to rise in volume since they watched the scene unfold, were then met by a frustrated teacher response of, “I don’t want to have to do this but I will have the literacy mentor come around to everyone who is talking so they have a silent lunch.” The room became quiet and I was quite please that at that moment it was time to go. For the most part, this class period had little to do with any of the themes we had touched on class previously, but I would like to make a point that I did learn a lot on the how the power system works in a public school. Also, I will admit that I was uncomfortable that the teacher used me as a guilt/scare tactic when they got out of hand that day. In my position, I know that I observe and help out in the classroom but it was odd for me to be used to exact punishments. I am not there as an authority figure exactly because I am an adult,
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