Understanding The Root Of One 's Family Essay

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Introduction It is foundationally important to understand the root of one’s family, its structural issues, systemic issues, and family dynamics Seabury (2011). This would give a clear knowledge of self and its connection with the family history Seabury (2011), Family refers to a group of individuals who are related to each other Seabury (2011). It comprises of parents, children, and other members of the same family and headed by a head of household Seabury (2011). The capability to trace the family history would empower oneself with the necessary background knowledge about the family of origin and traces of certain traits can be linked from one generation to several generations Seabury (2011). Family members rely on each other for emotional comfort which in turn strengthens their interconnected relationship. Chavis, (2012). For the sake of this paper, the social worker will dwell on some of the systemic analysis of some family issues e g. attachment styles, significant losses, subsystem, rules, subsystems, hierarchy, significant loss, homeostatic regulation, power, intimacy, communication and triangle
Section 1 – Systematic Analysis of Family of Origin This refers to the exclusive level of support members of a family and their peers experience in their relationship Gerhead, (2001). Such relationships are highly subjective by the structure of the family which includes: the family values, beliefs, experiences, cultural background, children, adults and their…
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