Understanding The Silent Killer, The Hepatitis C Virus

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Hepatitis C Research Paper Laura A. Symicek October 17, 2014 Hepatitis C Research Paper This research paper is going to review today’s silent killer, the Hepatitis C virus. This paper will talk about the description of the disease, the signs and symptoms, the etiology and risk factors, diagnostic studies, treatments and prognosis of this disease. I had lived with this disease for over ten years before diagnosed so it is important to understand the signs and symptoms so the disease can be identified and a treatment plan can be identified as the sooner it is treated the more likely it will eradicate the disease. Hepatitis C Description and Pathology Hepatitis C is a systemic infection caused by a virus that primarily attacks…show more content…
Some of the other risk factors include working in the health care environment, injecting illegal drugs, or sharing articles of person hygiene with an infected person, or sexual transmission with an infected person. If the disease continues to progress it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or liver failure and may require a transplant of the liver. I contracted the disease by sexual transmission as my ex-husband had the disease. The likelihood of contracting the disease in this fashion is very rare but it does happen. Diagnostic Studies There are two different main types of diagnostic testing that can be done to determine if the Hepatitis C virus is present in your body. The Hepatitis C Antibody test is a screening test ordered by your physician that will show if you have ever been exposed to the virus in your lifetime. This test detects antibodies that your body would have formed in order to fight off the Hepatitis C virus. The other kind of test is called the Hepatitis C RNA Qualitative test. This test determines if the virus is currently present in your body. This is the test that is used most often to detect the virus. A positive test result indicates that you have Hepatitis C. A negative result will indicate that the virus is undetected. This could mean that even though your body may have been exposed to the virus it was able to fight the disease

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