Understanding The Skeletal System

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The Skeletal system is a vital part of the human body due to the appendicular skeleton helping our bodies lift up objects, the axial skeleton helping us stand upright, but also, some bones can break and develop bone diseases, yet there are still many ways to prevent it.
First, we need to understand what a bone actually is. You can hear bone-dry on a daily basis but actually bones are actually quite alive with nerves , blood vessels etc. Without bones in our body we would just be a blob and unable to move anything in our body. A bone divides into three layers periosteum, haversian canals and bone marrow. The first layer is the periosteum layer, it covers the whole part of the bone minus areas where cartilage connects the bone to a joint. The second layer is known as the Haversian canal which transports nerves and blood vessels throughout the human body. The third layer is known as compact bone or spongy bone, spongy

Page 2 bone gives support against the ends of the bone. As I explained inside of bones now I shall explain a very important part of the bone, and
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As a fetus you have red bone marrow primarily made out of of cartilage, than as you grow up you get compact bone, and spongy bone which is the final parts of the bone. When you're a child you have epiphyseal plates which soon determines how much you will grow. However when you grow your bone will grow into 5 different shapes there is long bones, short bones, flat bones, irregular bones, and sesamoid bones. Between the ages of 20-25 is when bone growth stops, but bones may grow in diameter as they gain strength. If you ever go to the doctors and you get an xray of your bones and see white lines in it that just means you're bone is growing. I had that experience when I went to the
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