Understanding The Stock Market Is Not Something People Can Do

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Understanding the stock market is not something people can do. It required deep understanding of both finance and accounting in order to prevent mistakes that cost us our lives. Stock trading is one of the best and fabulous category of financial tool that ever existed for getting rich. Its sounds great to watch your company grow and collect dividend as the money rolls in; however, one mistake might ruin your entire life. Most people do not fully understand how stock market work, therefore, some of them lose money so easy because they either putting all their money in one basket or trust bookers who have lack of Stock’s trading knowledge. I am so happy that I enrolled in Finance 214 course this semester for many reasons. First, before taking Finance course, I had no idea what stock is all about. During the semester we had a simulation stock market game which we had to invest $100,000 dollars wisely over the span of the semester. The primary goal of this simulation was to gain a perfect understanding of personal stock trading and how to invest. A day trading scheme was employed to help students understand as well. At first, I did not understand how to trade and thought since it is not a real money, then I might as well just played. However, one day, I thought of my uncle who had a heart attack in 2008 due to stock market crashed. I asked myself, my uncle put himself at risk when he trusted someone who had no experience in stock trading and gave him huge amount of money that he

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