Understanding The Technologies Required For E Commerce

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Assignment 1: Understanding the technologies required for e-commerce Shops are capable of being placed into three categories to separate and even differentiate them by how they trade, the first being ‘Bricks’. These shops/businesses have no other way of trading other than customer facing outlets requiring physical transaction of products. Businesses that would be categorized as ‘Bricks’ would usually be small retailers such as local grocery stores and small local restaurant’s. The second category is ‘Clicks’ which is exactly as it sounds, it simply means that the business is only able to trade using the internet. Amazon is a well-known online business selling solely through online distribution using nothing but warehouses to store and then dispatch their products. This type of business would be categorized as ‘Click’ as customers are only able to purchase from Amazon through the use of the Internet. Other examples would include Ebay and also Steam. The third and final category is labelled ‘Bricks and Clicks’ as they utilize both trading methods to trade. They will have customer facing shops for consumers to enter and physically purchase while also having a website that enables customers to also shop online and have their item delivered directly to them. Shops using this method would include most major supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. Before continuing to decide whether continuing your business online through e-commerce, first we need to fully understand
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