Understanding The Understanding Of Cancer

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the understanding of cancer in the Hmong community, in Fresno. If there is limited access to resources or is it just lack of understanding or a barrier between the cultures. What is preventing them to be screen. Providing Prevention methods would be the first step. Early detection with screening for those who are high risk for gastric cancer, with familial history. Since Helicobacter Pylori infection is more common in Asian population. The focus would be to try using the same screening method that is being done in Japan and Korea. Educating the Hmong community on Gastric cancer, the signs and symptoms and screening workups that are done specifically for gastric cancer. Providing information on risk factors like lifestyle, diet and etc. Cultural belief would be incorporated as well. Gastric Cancer background Cancer is not prejudice of race, gender and age. It’s the most leading cause of death worldwide. Gastric cancer is more prominent in other countries then the US. Cancer is a disease that can grow out of control and spread, resulting in death. There are external factors that causes cancer like tobacco use, infectious organisms and unhealthy diet. The internal factors are inherited genetic mutations, hormones and immune conditions. Stomach cancer occurs in the mucosa and develops slowly over years. The symptoms goes undetected during early stage (Stomach Cancer). Some cancer can be prevented with proper prevention
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