Understanding The Utilization Of The Human Resource Process

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Coming from a mental health background and lacking understanding of the human resource process, it has been amazing for me to understand the utilization of the term ‘fair’ is subjective at best. Walsh refers early in our reading to a respiratory therapist who reportedly mentioned a process in the hospital where he was employed, he felt was not the way it should be during an accreditation audit and was terminated briefly after the completion of the audit, even though he had an impeccable work record and high merit praise from administration (Walsh, 2013). The key to modern employment relies less on issues such as fair or right, instead dealing with legal responsibility. Understandably when reading the excerpt from our text, it appeared a wrongful termination suit would be a sure thing, but in the court systems, the hospital was found to have the right to fire him under the at will employment clause, therefore releasing them from any liability that would cause them to pay punitive damages. Like the above mentioned court case, employees need to begin to understand the employers ability to release a worker from employment and other than proving legal viability of a claim in court, the employer does not have to act in a fair or right manner, only legal. The issue at hand currently is the fairness of an employer to alter an employee handbook at their discretion. Employee handbooks and the level of legal bound have been recently addressed issues both in courts systems
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