Understanding The War On Terror

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Understanding the War on Terror Youngsuk Lee PSCI A180 Professor Patrick C. Coaty 14 May, 2015 Many victims have been harmed from the terrorism for a long time. It is impossible for victims who are effected by the terrorism to live safely. Cruel terrorist group even attack female and children. The incidence of terrorism is increasing in the world. It is big problem in the world because countries worry about their citizen from the terrorism. The United States and other countries stuck to continue the war on terror. The war on terrorism has fought for a long time. The terrorism has had long history. Since ancient countries had existed, terrorism has been always with countries which are not only advanced country but also underdeveloped country. The World state always prepares to prevent from attacking of the terrorist. Each countries concludes conference such as international environment which is related defense of state. If one countries is attacked by the terrorist group, others could support it. However, methods of the terrorism are evolved over the long time such as an economic terrorism, a suicide bombing, cyber terror, and etc. The terrorist group as Al-Qaeda attacks innocent people thorough different ways. The terrorist group attacks these countries citizen and threatens countries with the hostage. Some countries such as Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Libya support the terror. The United States has never taken no prisoner with the threat since the 9/11
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