Understanding The Workforce Outcomes Of Education

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A college degree is something that can positively shape an individual who is willing to put the effort into obtaining one. By getting an education, people are able to acquire better jobs and make better decisions in life. In “Understanding the Workforce Outcomes of Education,” Christopher Mullin says, “It is well documented that attaining higher levels of education beyond high school benefits both the individual and society” (75). It is important for me to contribute not only to my own personal wealth, but also to the economic growth of society. My college education is valuable to me because it is the key to my successful future. With a bachelor’s degree in information technology, I will be able to achieve the goals I have for my future…show more content…
A college education is important to me because it provides the knowledge and experiences that are necessary for me to accomplish my career goals in the field of information technology. The field of IT is progressing fast, and it is an important job in serving the technological needs of society. Humans are dependent on technology because it helps accomplish things that could otherwise not be done. It is always present in everyday life, and IT professionals are necessary to support the technology that everyone relies on. People go to IT professionals to fix their computers, create programs and apps, and maintain network connections. Without people who are skilled in this field, there is no doubt that computers and other technologies would be a struggle to use. If there is a lack of knowledge with how IT systems work, then it could affect society negatively because the world is driven by technological connections. It is an important field of study for colleges to offer, because information technology helps advance society. Technology has evolved for hundreds of years, and has always had a role in changing human lives. In the article, “Evolving Information Technology: Opportunities and Challenges,” author Ayub Shirandula says, “The effects of technology change are felt by all human beings. Every day people are reminded that they are living in the information age” (6002). Society has a dependence
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