Understanding Thermal or Solar Heat Gain Coefficients

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In order to understand the word ‘thermal’ within a building, then SHGC which is solar heat gain coefficients had to be known to known the property of thermal insulation and conductivity in a whole manner. Solar heat gain coefficient is widely use in the United State in designing building. SHGC may refer to the transmittance of solar energy of windows or even walls, every object can be evaluate by using solar heat gain coefficient method by knowing the properties of each material. If a material have high solar heat gain coefficient, then the material is a good absorbent of solar heat. For material that is black in colour, inevitably it absorb heat faster because of the colour doesn’t reflect the wavelength that comes directly from the source of light. So, low-e components of a building that comes with low solar heat gain coefficient will reflect and keep heat source that came from sun away from the house and that will probably makes a house cooler. Solar heat gain coefficient usually dealt with windows that possess a low-e property. Low-e may regard to the emissivity of one’s material. Nowadays window mostly is transparent, and that makes it vulnerable for sunlight to penetrate easily into a house without any reflection. We have to be notice that if a window is place facing the unsuitable direction such as west or east, it will have an adverse effect towards the thermal comfort of a house especially terraced house in Malaysia that cant undergoes renovation due to the
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