Understanding Vigilante Justice

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The use of vigilante justice is illegal but, at times it can be understood. Vigilante justice is considered legal when dealing with it as self-defense.. The term vigilante justice means someone has gone outside the law to carry out a punishment for a crime. In other words vigilante justice means that a citizen has taken justice into their own hands. One of the defining elements of vigilantism is a response that involves violence that exceeds the legitimate use of force in self-defense. These people who take justice into their own hands are called a vigilante. “Our legal system does not permit vigilante justice” (Grisham 137). Self-defense, though, is the only type of vigilante justice that is legal because it is one of the rights written in the constitution. It is considered legal because self-defense is one of the rights given to American citizens in the Constitution.“Our legal system also cannot condone men who take the law into their own hands”. This means that the government cannot over look a case of vigilante justice because it will cause problems in our society. The legal system also cannot over look it because the society cannot have people just running around with guns shooting other people who did them wrong. The world would be chaos if that was allowed to happen because everyone would be taking justice into their own hands because they are unhappy with the outcome of the case. Most of the time the act of vigilante justice is taken because the legal system isn’t
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