Understanding White Collar Crime

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Understanding White Collar Crime
Donald J. Joslyn
Tri County Tech

Understanding White Collar Crime
In the United States, there are many different types of crimes that are committed. One type of crime that is considered non-violent would be white-collar crime. Under white collared crimes there are hundreds of different types of crimes that would fall under this category. Sociologist and criminologists have come up with many different theories to what white-collar crime is and what type of people commit these crimes. In the next few paragraphs I will explain what white-collar crime is and my opinion on how white-collar crime should be dealt with.
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI), white-collar crime can be
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He also said that white-collar criminals had more of a negative impact on U.S. society than street criminals (Schmalleger).
In the recent years, with more state and federal laws against these white-collar crimes, it has become more difficult to get away with such crimes. There are more agencies out there today that help prevent and help catch these white-collar criminals before they hurt many individuals and investors. Agencies like the FBI, the National Check Fraud Center and the National White Collar Crime Center which teaches small to large businesses how to prevent and know how to spot a white-collar crime within their company. Even though there are many protections out there today, it is still a hard crime to prevent. Most local law enforcement officers don’t see these types of white-collar crimes happen due to the criminals committing the crimes are in a private setting when committing these types of crimes (Schmalleger). Usually, the individuals committing white-collar crimes are trusted employees within a business and the crime isn’t caught till after the offense has been made.
In conclusion, white-collar crime has become more of a common thing within businesses today than ever before. Or, it may becoming more noticeable as more prevention is put into place to catch these white-collar crimes. I do believe most of the white-collar crime committed is due to greed. I also
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