Understanding and Coping with Change

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Understanding and Coping with Change
For many years, the world of business has experienced an increasing rate of change. Alvin Toffler (1970) predicted the trend several decades ago. Toffler also noted that people exhibit a natural tendency to resist change. This resistance to change is a major organizational challenge that organizations must learn to manage. As individuals respond to change in different ways, and as variations in responses produce different outcomes the recognition of this resistance to change is an essential step in the development and implementation of effective change management strategies. Change, positive or negative, is unsettling because people seek stability. Certain individuals are more resistant to change than
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They are as follows;
1. Establish a sense of urgency by creating a compelling reason of why change is needed.
2. Form a coalition with enough power to lead the change.
3. Create a new vision to direct the change and strategies for achieving the vision.
4. Communicate the vision throughout the organization.
5. Empower others to act on the vision by removing barriers to change and encouraging risk taking and creative problem solving
6. Plan for and create reward short term wins that move the organization toward the new vision.
7. Consolidate improvements, reassess changes, and make necessary adjustments in the new program.
8. Reinforce the changes by demonstrating the relationship between new behaviors and organizational success.

The first four steps essentially extrapolate on the unfreezing stage. Steps 5 through 7 represent ‘movement’. And the final step works on ‘refreezing’. When I look at the organizational structure change my current employer is going through it is clear that they have made many of the mistakes Kotter discussed. When reviewing the unfreezing stage the organization has not created any sense of urgency or new vision to direct change. As I have discussed previously the entire communication process related to these changes has been vague at best. The restructuring project is being lead by well respected senior management within the organization, however without the other components discussed respected senior
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