Legacy System Essay

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The term legacy system has distinct meanings for different individuals. For numerous people, it describes archaic mainframe or dumb-terminal software programs from the 1970s and 1980s (Weber, 2006). To other individuals, it may infer the client/server applications from the 1990s or web applications from the late 1990s (Weber, 2006). The chief point is that each one of these distinct architectures presents different risks that must be thoroughly understood and properly managed (Weber, 2006).
The aim of this research is to assess security risks with legacy systems. Research has uncovered that in spite of the information technology (IT) industry's diligence to advance the model of operating systems (O/S) employed, a
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They utilize a few mainframe based EDI Medicaid processing applications, a desktop-based electronic medical records (EMR) application, many web applications designed for older web browsers requiring plug-ins, and several COBOL based applications. OMH management has been indecisive on how to advance at its weekly enterprise architecture (EA) focus groups. Management thinks they invested enough money in products and want to continue using them. OMH’s legacy EMR application was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic version 6, which has been sunsetted by Microsoft. In-house conversion of this application would be a colossal. To reduce this burden, OMH is leveraging the open source system used by the United States Veteran Administration (VA), VistA, and then customizing it for their needs (NYS Office of Mental Health, 2014). The result is an approach that should save millions versus starting from scratch or using a large-scale commercial product that could cost in excess of one hundred million dollars (NYS Office of Mental Health, 2014). OMH’s legacy mainframe EDI application processed over 800 million dollars a year in Medicaid reimbursements. By moving away from the no longer supported software and hardware of the mainframe to a Microsoft BizTalk application leveraging web services, OMH cut expenses while
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