Understanding of Identity in Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilization

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The word "identity" inspired many writers in our contemporary world, toarticulate their ideas and state their suggestions in a way to find a precise definition for such a word, especially where the globalization has become a fact which produces with it many effectual consequences. Some writers had linked Identity with the original culture to which a person may belong, others dealt with it as a changing factor transformed according to every ones status,however a third category characterized the Identity from another angel in view of religious or ideological background. Huntington being one of the leading writers in this sphere has imagined a future world witnesses a clash of civilizations.According to his categorizationfrom a cultural perspective however; the world shall be divided into eight civilizations. This essay shall shed a light into the different understandings of theidentity and culture as in relation to Islam and the West having reference to different arguments and visions presented in the following scholarly sources. Samuel P. Huntington in his book “ The Clash of Civilizations”has predicted that the source of conflict in the new world shall not be ideological or primarily economic, as the great divisions among humankind and dominating source of conflict shall be cultural.Although nation states will remain to be the most powerful actors in world affairs, yet the principal conflict of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different
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