Understanding the Black Power Movement

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Introduction Understanding the Black Power Movement as it relates to the creation of Black or African American study programs and departments is to recognize the efforts of radical student activists on college campuses. The prevailing thought of the Black existence casted doubt on the importance of Black/African studies at colleges and universities. Blacks, unfortunately, were thought to not have a history, or at least one not worth examining, in the American existence and even within world civilization. However, such as notion is baseless. In the tens of thousands of years of civilization, Africans have witnessed and contributed to the productivity of the human existence. The great salt and gold kingdoms of the Ghanaian and Malian Empires thrived long before the Hapsburg and Bourbon dynasties rules Spain and France, respectively. Yet, the contributions of those great African civilizations were often ignored in the historiography of early civilizations. Even the contributions of the Ancient Egyptians have become part of the ensemble of the Greek and Roman tragedy, removing Egypt from the history of Africa. The contributions of Black Americans in the history of the United States were virtually absent prior to the creation of Black Study programs and departments. The assumption of Black history was that it included the 300 plus years of enslavement, the Civil War (where student are indoctrinated to believe that President Lincoln intended on freeing Blacks) and then the more
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