Understanding the Capacity for Reasoning in Humans and Animals

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We have concluded that mind and body work together as one. In humans, we have a mental experience happen with a biological experience together whether we are conscious of it or not. This has led to recovery from illness, like an optimistic person with cancer or someone to become ill, like an aggressive type-A personality with cardiovascular problems. Our bodies work with the mind in the opposite direction as well. While it cannot be denied that humans display behaviors not seen in nonhuman animals, there is nevertheless theory that suggests that animals are more than simply something uncivilized that needs to be domesticated, eaten, or as a pet. Darwin's theory has long debated that we are advanced animals through evolution while others like Aristotle argue that we are completely different species with our ability to reason and make decisions. It may be possible that both Darwin and Aristotle are correct. There is a huge diversity of life broken up in different hierarchical tiers from animals with lots of folds in their brain with the ability to think beyond the biological to animals that have no brain at all. Do some of these animals have this psychological association where they need to calm down their anxiety? Does unethical behavior even exist in the animal kingdom, where an animal would care about their moral self-image? Animals have been shown to have emotions like fear, happiness and even grief. Without disrespect, some humans with some developmental disorders
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