Essay Understanding the Communication Process in the Work Place

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Reflective Review M3.30

Understanding the Communication Process in the Work Place

Nikki Carr

ILM Level 3

December 2010

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Communication Needs

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This assignment will demonstrate my understanding of the communication process within my work place, I have identified two specific communication needs that I use on a regular basis, with the focus on written communication via electronic mail (E-mail) system used by the organization and verbal communication in the form of periodic one to one supervisions between my myself and my manager.

Within any organization communication is essential for a successful business to occur. The collaboration and cooperation between the workforce and our
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Oral, the advantages and disadvantages.
An example of a verbal communication within the work place would one to one supervisions held between myself and my manager. Primarily, this verbal communication is to produce an effective work plan whilst enabling feedback from both parties to be heard.

The communication process would typically begins with my manager (source) and is where the context of the meeting is set and where encoding begins. It is important that the source uses appropriate language during encoding and assumptions are not made about the receiver. Also important is that messages are clear and concise so that the receiver can decode in a manner acceptable to them. As this is a two way process it is necessary that the source displays openness with non language to ensure effective feedback from the receiver.

An advantage of supervisions being held in this format rather that choosing written is that the both sender and receiver are able to pick up on non language cues such as body and facial language both which can encourage openness if used in the correct manner.

Yet disadvantages become apparent when reflecting on past supervisions, as these have historically contained an element of emotion which can hinder the communication process.

Barriers to communication

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