Understanding the Debate Over the Origins of Life Essay examples

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When addressing the origins of life, an unwavering dedication to the theories behind creationism & evolutionary and abiogenesis theories makes itself present. It is in this realm of debate, Darwin challenges the dogmatic approach to understanding made by religious doctrine with science and evolutionary precedent. The ongoing debate between evolutionary and abiogenesis biologists and religious leaders is the ultimate contest between science & pseudoscience. Evolutionary biology bases its claims behind the idea that a gene is a hereditary unit that can be passed generation to generation. Through this change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations, natural selection acts upon the genetic variation of…show more content…
Often times, a derogatory attitude accompanies the idea of Creationism. The belief in creation by an almighty being is not a supplemental belief attached only to the Bible; instead, creation is the definitive deduction of a clear reading and understanding of Genesis in its intended form - as a purely historical narrative. This historical narrative, given to humanity by a supreme being, is the basis and foundation upon which a biblical worldview is based. A myriad of interpretations of creationism conclude that an intelligent, all-knowing demiurge, not natural selection or natural influences, created the universe and all the life found within. Creationism distinguishes those who reject naturalism as a credible explanation for how the universe and all the life within it came into existence. However, creationism includes a varying number of fields, including theology, astronomy, biology, geology, and physics. Creationism is not a scientific or theological discipline in and of itself, but is instead a theologically based framework through which empirical and substantial data is interpreted.

We find various forms of creationism throughout ancient history in an innumerable number of civilizations and antiquated societies. Greek mythology dictates that the world was created by Erebus and Gaia, Norse mythology points to Ymir as the almighty creator, and Christian doctrine finds its
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