Understanding the Essence of Strategic Management

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1.1 Introduction This PMA is intended to exhibit knowledge, as well as, understanding of the essence of strategic management of people resources in an entity, alongside the manner in which this relates to a wider organizational context and business strategy. The PMA is based on the postulation that people are not only the key, but also the most essential resource in any given organization and usually translate other resources into benefit. The student writing this PMA attempts to explore every element of successful and effective people management practice. Citing Armstrong (2012:55), organization tends to achieve its objectives through employees. Therefore, both the operational and strategic management of people is a crucial concern for any entity, its leaders and managers, especially those keen to succeed following the emergence of more complex business and organizational models. Having an understanding of how to achieve the commitment and motivation of the most critical resource in an organization is fundamental for modern leaders as they attempt to shape and reshape the organization to meet the needs of their business. Today, technical and analytical expertise is no longer adequate. Therefore, it is important to reinforce the message that the management of people is a core strategic issue. Using Samsung's green energy technology to achieve the objective of this research. 1.2 HR Strategy Integrated with the Business Strategy Samsung's Green Business and the Resulting HR
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