Understanding the External Environment

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Each category of internal and external influences is illustrated in Figure 2.1 (referred to as ‘the framework’), including the outputs of the organisation—the product or service through a range of distribution channels to the end customer. Figure 2.1 Framework for strategy analysis External business drivers Political, regulatory and legal environment, market characteristics, competition, substitutes, demand for services, increasing complexity etc. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES INTERNAL INFLUENCES Markets/ Industries PESTEL Stakeholders Core activities Internal and external Products/ Services Channels Customers BCG matrix Porter’s five forces SWOT Competitive positioning matrix Operational and people drivers Blue oceans Source: KPMG (2013). Module 2 focuses on the external environment within which the organisation operates and how that affects the formulation and evaluation of strategy for an organisation. This module provides tools for strategic analysis of the external operating environment of the organisation. The major topics covered in this module are as follows: n defining an industry; n the key issues to be considered that might affect the industry; and n integrating the expected impacts on strategy of these complex issues, many of which are
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