Understanding the Management Role

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ENOC corporate consists of 12 different departments, which are as follows:
Group Management
Group Finance
Group Legal
Group Environment, Health, Safety, & Quality Compliance
Group Internal Audit
Group Purchasing and contracts
Group Engineering and Constructions
Group Corporate Services
Group Human Resources
Group Information Technology
Group Strategic Planning and Business Development
Group Brand and Marketing Management
They are all service providers for the ENOC Group of companies. I work for Group Brand and Marketing Management GBMM.
As Corporate Communications Manager, the purpose of my job is to guard the Corporate Brand Image and supervise the development of the ENOC identity and of other subsidiaries to
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a) A two-step process:
i. Co-brand and introduce the “Member of ENOC Group” statement to all the communication aspects of all wholly own ENOC companies, which holds a different logo, with the ENOC logo.

ii. Eventually drop the subsidiary’s logo and rename the companies to be consistent with ENOC’s name and brand identity.
• Emirates Gas LLC => ENOC Gas LLC

2. To reduce costs by shifting reliance from external providers to relying on in-house resources

3. Continue to invest in Group Brand and Marketing Management employees through training and strategic HR planning.
I have encouraged our Graphic Designer to do advanced courses in graphic software’s like “Adobe Illustrators and Adobe Photoshop”, I also persuaded the Corporate Brand Executive to do a course “Graphic Design for Non-Graphic Designers” which tremendously helped the team to have a better understanding of their respective roles and to reduce dependence on ad agencies.

4. Develop an in-house Design unit, PR/Advertising Unit, and Market Research Team.
The reason is to have greater control over projects and avoid unnecessary costs.

5. Purchase appropriate IT facilities to simplify and advance Brand and Marketing Management operations.
For example, when I joined the group 4 years back, there was 1 DVD writer and one Mac Machine shared by 14 employees. I have worked on a plan and requested for a budget to provide each employee with a license of
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