Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance

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Understanding the management role to improve management performance Understand the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling and organisation to achieve its goals The responsibility of middle management within the Child Abuse Investigation team is enabling the organisation to achieve its goal in the safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, protecting children from abuse and neglect, preventing impairment of their health and development, and ensuring they are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care which is undertaken so as to enable children to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully. Child protection is a part of safeguarding and promoting…show more content…
Therefore, interpersonal skills with communication can help me be more successful as a manager and improve my working relationships with staff and partner agencies. The way I communicate with other people improves confidence, enhances my relationships with others thereby improving my effectiveness in the workplace. By using my interpersonal skills and communication, firstly I will need to build bridges with staff and partner agencies and form relationships. This then will give me the opportunity for supervisors and staff to build trust and confidence in me as a manager as well as me building confidence and trust in my supervisors and team. It will give me the opportunity to have one to one and team meetings for me to share my ideas and plan ahead to achieve the requirement performance to meet our targets. This will give staff the opportunity to discuss strategies and operational plans and how they will be implemented. It also gives my supervisors and staff the opportunity to share in this process and to have the confidence to put ideas forward that can be
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