Understanding the Motivation of Pamela Jones

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Understanding the Motivation of Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones enjoyed banking. She had taken a battery of personal aptitude and interest tests that suggested that she might like and do well in either banking or librarianship. Since the job market for librarians was poor, she applied for employment with a large chartered bank, the Bank of Winnipeg, and was quickly accepted.

Her early experiences in banking were almost always challenging and rewarding. She was enrolled in the bank’s management development program because of her education (a.B.A. in languages and some postgraduate training in business administration), her previous job experience, and her obvious intelligence and drive.

During her first year in the training program, Pamela
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Depressed, annoyed, disappointed, and frustrated, Pamela quit the bank.

1.First, let us try to understand what happening. Use expectancy/valence theory to explain Pamela’s behavior at the bank
2.Does equity theory help explain Pamela’s behavior? If so, why?
3.What concrete steps could be taken to ensure that people like Pamela do not leave their
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