Understanding the Patient Intake Process

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UNDERSTANDING THE PATIENT INTAKE PROCESS Judy Lintner HCR 220 Shatondra Surulere There are many ways to improve patient intake procedures. One of the ways has been recently in the news. It was created with Salesforce.com’s Force.com enterprise application development platform. It is run on staff members AppleIphones. This replaces a manual process. It has cut the admission process from 18 hours to sometimes less than 1 hour. Having this done on the AppleIphone keeps the protection on health information. When putting this procedure on the AppleIphone it saves time for both the staff and patient. You, as a staff member have to realize that each patient is an individual. Each patient has unique healthcare needs. There are…show more content…
___________________________________ Any cervical cancer history? _____________if yes, when:________________________ Any ovarian cancer history? _____________if yes, when:________________________ Do you perform regular breast self exams? _____yes ____no If menopausal or perimenopausal: List symptoms and concerns:_____________ ____________________________________________________________ _______________ Any personal history of breast cancer?______________________________________________ FOR WOMEN WHO
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