Understanding the Patient Intake Process

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Understanding the Patient Intake Process An essential part of the healthcare business is good patient /provider communication. To improve the patient/care-provider communication and the quality of healthcare services a facility could use the technology of the internet. Businesses in insurmountable numbers are using internet to improve their services. In fact the only major industry resisting the use of the worldwide web as we use it in other sectors of the economy today is the healthcare industry (Dixon, 2010). One way to make patient intake more efficient would be to design a website so the patients could log-in to make appointments or to cancel an appointment. The site could also be used by new patients to fill out the necessary…show more content…
Currently, 30 percent of all patient visits are completed without access to the patient charts; says the American Medical Association (AMA).. If the overall intake process is chaotic and unorganized, there will be an increase time spent waiting to see the care provider, which will lead to the patients being cranky and unsatisfied. This may lead to a reduction in the providers’ patient count. By computerizing the patient records , both physician and practicing staff can access patients’ records quicker than before, increase efficiency and improving the quality of care that the patient will receive. If the healthcare facilities computerize the patient records, this will reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and improve the work flow as well. Computerizing the patient records enables the physicians to see more patients for longer periods of time, thus, heightening patient’s perceived quality of care and improve patient retention rates. Physicians will also care more easily for and update records on associate’s patients. Computerize records will reduce medication errors, and malpractice claims associated with them, by improving physicians’ access to a patient’s completed medical records and providing an automatic drug interaction alert. This could lead to a reduction in the cost of medications usage in the healthcare facilities and a potential reduction in malpractice
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