Understanding the Potential Penalties of your DUI or DWI

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Just when you’ve gritted your teeth, pondering the potential penalties of your DWI charge and think you’ll come out unscathed, your District Attorney will shoot for sentences indicative of your crime. These potential penalties stiffen when refusing various testing and getting busted within school zones or student crosswalks. These could be added to your current DWI offense as ‘accessory’ charges, yet your attorney will probably get them dropped. Here’s some alternative punishments to imprisonment that many attorneys will shoot for; note, New Jersey residents may not be given much of a choice. Driver Improvement Classes Everyone convicted, and sentenced, to various classes and programs could take advantage of state approved Driver Improvement Education which, upon successful completion, will take 3 points away from current license tally. Managed by MVC professionals, these classes are geared towards those who’ve received little driving experience, have trouble understanding the various rules, or need better driving acuity to continually use the roadways offered by New Jersey. Two classes, both costing $150 each, are offered for sentenced DWI offenders, and the general public. Please note that failure to attend these classes as part of your sentencing will only cause further suspensions or having this option deemed unavailable in the future. Any violations within 1 year after successful completion of classes will result in suspension as well. Therefore, take these easy

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