Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment Learner Assignment

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Unit 3 – Principles and practice of assessment Introduction; Assessment is viewed as a critical part of teaching and learning to ensure that the required outcomes and criteria for the qualification are achieved by both the tutor and the student. Assessment is the means of obtaining information, which allows teachers, pupils and parents to make judgements about pupil progress. The starting point for this is the curriculum and the processes of learning and teaching. Assessment is a tool for reflection on programme construction and teaching. It measures the success of learning, teaching and achievement and guides the next steps to be achieved. Assessment is a reflective tool designed to check understanding and development…show more content…
As well as the student being assessed, the teacher will be following a programme of self assessment and should maintain a good reflective practice of their own, to ensure they are teaching up to date information and reviewing their teaching styles continually. The application form together with an interview pre enrolment will assess the learners past learning experiences, existing skills and crucially will ascertain if the course is the correct one for the learner. An interview will allow further evaluation of the learner’s motivational levels, verbal skills together with appearance and social proficiency. So for example a music audition and interview will allow me to discover the students vocal or musical ability, their individual music style, their confidence level, their previous performance experience, and also what their musical goals are. Once enrolled on a specific course ice breakers can be used as another form of initial assessment. Diagnostic tests are also included in primary assessments to measure a learner’s skills and numeracy and literacy levels so there is no delay in arranging learning support if needed. Learning styles should be identified as part of the initial assessment procedure, making the tutor aware of each learner’s individual learning preferences and crucially how best the learner will learn.

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