Essay on Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

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unit 01 UNDERSTANDING THE principles and practices of assessment D/601/5313 mohammad aziz hasan 7/10/2011 | 1. UNDERSTAND LEGAL AND GOOD PRACTICE REQUIRMENTS IN RELATION TO ASSESSMENT | 1.1 Functions of assessment in learning and development Assessment Assessment can be defined as the systematic gathering of information regarding the knowledge and ability of learners which enables learners to obtain feedback on the quality of their learning and enables teachers or assessors to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching/assessment. In my point of view assessment is a testing tool by which a teacher or assessor can use to detect the outcomes of teaching, learning or assessment process with the learners by…show more content…
1.2 Key Concepts and Principles of Assessment Assessments are usually: Internally set – produced by the assessor or module tutor, for example, questions, projects or assignments Externally set – usually by an Awarding/Examining body, for example, an examination at the end of the programme. These will be marked either by module tutor, or the Awarding/Examining body. The assessment strategy should state how the subject should be assessed, and subsequent results recorded. It should also state the experience, professional development and qualifications that assessors should hold. Quality assurance requirements, for example internal and external verification or moderation, will also be stated. Organisation may also have an assessment policy which an assessor should familiarise him/herself with. Initial Assessment The Assessment Cycle: Assessment Planning Review of Progress Assessment Activity Assessment Decision and Feedback Figure 1.2: The Assessment Cycle (Gravells, A. 2009: 8) Depending upon the subject being assessed and whether it is academic (theory) or vocational (practical) an assessor will usually follow the assessment cycle. The cycle will continue until all aspects of the qualification
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