Understanding the Process of Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning Name Professor Institution Course Date Strategic Planning Understanding the process of Strategic Planning Mission, Vision, Objectives, Goals, and Core Competence of the chosen organization Strategic planning is an essential component in the growth and development of any business entity with the aim of enhancing its financial resources while reducing the cost of distribution and manufacturing of the products. Coca-Cola Company, UK, is one of the major players towards the development of the economy. This company focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of soft drinks and other relevant beverages. In the execution of this research project, the focus will be on the Coca-Cola Company-UK with the aim of understanding how to adopt and implement strategies in the context of the organization. Coca-Cola Company-UK focuses on the accomplishment of three critical missions: refreshing the world, creation of value and being the difference, and provision of inspirational moments in relation to happiness and optimism. In order to achieve these missions, the organization has to inculcate quality strategies towards the achievement of the competitive advantage thus fighting stiff competition within the industry of operation (Data Monitor, 2011). The organization also adopts and integrates framework in the form a vision to facilitate the achievement of the mission. The vision of the organization focuses on the components of the five Ps': people, portfolio,

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